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Yuwa Clinic Director Hiroshi Udo


My medical practice started from occupational health, acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment for intractable pain of back pain and cervicobrachial disorders, which developed into New Meridian Therapy. In 2011, I founded the New Meridian Medical Society to research the treatment of developmental disorders, and have treated more than 730 children with developmental disorders. This has led to the development of New Meridian Therapy into the treatment of central nervous system disorders such as MTBI (higher brain dysfunction due to mild traumatic brain injury), dementia, depression in the workplace and panic disorder.
This treatment has also been applied to the treatment of post-herpetic neuralgia, as it resolves the memory of pain; this treatment has also been applied to the treatment of new coronary sequelae since 2020. The new meridian therapy is an excellent treatment for a wide range of intractable diseases. We are happy to support your health.

Brief biography

Postgraduate degree in Occupational Cervicobrachial Disorder, Hiroshima University School of Medicine
Occupational physician at Nisshin Steel
Director, Yuwa Clinic
Advising occupational physician, councilor of the Japan Society for Occupational Health (2021)
Studied at Department of Ergonomics, Kansas State University, USA (research on occupational cervicobrachial disorders and low back pain)
Visiting lecturer, Department of Ergonomics, Kansas State University
2001 - 2019.3
Visiting Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Hiroshima University (name changed from Clinical Professor to Visiting Professor)
Chairman, Japan New Meridian Medicine
Specialist departments:
Oriental medicine, meridian therapy, occupational medicine, diagnosis and treatment of industrial accidents and occupational diseases, diagnosis and treatment of developmental disorders, diagnosis and treatment of postherpetic neuralgia, diagnosis and treatment of dementia, etc.


  • Chairman, Japanese Society for New Meridian Medicine
  • Advising Doctor, Japan Society for Occupational Health
  • Japanese Society of Oriental Medicine
  • Japanese Society for Integrative Medicine
  • Japan Ergonomics Society
  • Japan Society of Occupational Health and Ergonomics
  • Japanese Society of Occupational and Disaster Medicine
  • Japanese Society of Footwear Medicine

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